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Listen to the new season of Coaching Real Leaders, where executive coach Muriel Wilkins helps leaders discover unexpected insights about themselves and find new paths forward.

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March 04, 2024

Whether you’re a first-time manager or a high-level executive, we all need some help getting past hurdles and taking our careers to the next level.

Executive coach Muriel Wilkins is back March 11 with a new season of the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of real life executive coaching conversations.

On this season of Coaching Real Leaders, you’ll listen in on coaching sessions with leaders working through pressing career challenges like:

  • How can I craft my next role to avoid burnout?
  • Should I return to the C-suite?
  • How can I find a new role that makes use of my strengths and brings me happiness?
  • Can I adjust my workload while still making an impact?

Muriel helps each leader discover unexpected insights about themselves and actionable steps they can take to move forward. Listen in, learn with them, and be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

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